Tops with floral print

Women's top is the basic element of a modern woman's wardrobe. The presence of this practical clothing, which is universal, allows a woman to come up with new images every day.

The top is a favorite item of fashion designers, with the help of which creative creations are easily created. Women can choose the tops to any style of clothes.

This type of women's clothing can be worn in winter and summer. In summer, the top looks sleek or short-sleeved. In winter it will be cozy in a warm long-sleeved top. Topical outfits with unusually decorated collars, for example, in the form of collar or hood.

A floral print is relevant for several seasons. Every woman who follows fashion has a floral top or blouse made of silk, chiffon, cotton or linen. It is very refreshing and it combines with most items of the wardrobe. The feminine blouse with flowers is associated with spring and sun and suits girls of any age.

Tops with floral print

What to wear with it?

For spectacular images, women can combine it with:

Х skirts;

Х jeans;

Х trousers (leggings);

Х shorts.

Chiffon blouse with floral print looks spectacular with a wide skirt and a skirt-pencil. As for the complement of the romantic image, the heeled shoes can be, as well as small handbag and decorations which will match the print.

Floral print combines well with denim. Try on a blouse with large flowers and a denim skirt. Also, complete the image with your ballet flats or heeled sandals.

Dress the blouse in a mini A-skirt. A straw hat and heeled sandals will complement the romantic look.

A monochrome maxi skirt, a floral top, and a light jacket will create a feminine look for dates or parties without a strict dress code. Do not forget about the clutch and accessories in the form of bright bracelets.

Tops with floral print

Bright monochrome skinny jeans look great with a black floral print top. As for the shoes, ballet flats will fit, as for accessories, the bulk clutch will be great.

Light-colored jeans, a white top with flowers and a pink or blue coat will help to create a delicate look in pastel shades. The woman can use shoes in pastel tones.

Tops with a floral print, dressed in tight pants or jeans, look very impressive. Complement the image with ballet flats or ankle boots, as well as a handbag on a long strap.

It is better to wear voluminous tops with leggings or tight jeans, both for shoes with heels and for flat shoes. Jeans or flared pants also go with a romantic floral top. Dress it in, and complement the image with a hat and a belt around the waist. High-waisted shorts are the perfect companion for a floral print blouse. Dress it in shorts, put shoes on thick heels and complement the image with a small bag on a long strap.

No less elegant is a suit with shorts and a jacket, which is wearing with a floral top. This outfit should be worn under the classic shoes and bulk bag. Under the collar of the top, you can wear a small necklace.

Tie a blue top with a knot at the waist to create a casual look. Complement the image with a hat and comfortable shoes. The floral top will be "friends" with denim shorts. This duet can be worn with ballet shoes and sandals with heels.

Tops with floral print