Sweaters with deer print

Sweaters with deer print

With the advent of cold, women turn into warm clothes. If you do not have new items for the coming winter, it is better to get them. When it comes to the cold snap, the first association that occurs in the mind is a warm cozy female sweater. If it is distinguished by its convenience and beautiful appearance, the autumn-winter period becomes a more pleasant time for both promising fashionistas and for those who love, first of all, comfort and practicality in clothing.

In the each womanТs wardrobe, there must be at least a pair of knit sweaters. However, very few ladies understand how much this type of winter clothes is capable of transforming the everyday outfit, making it feminine, relevant and stylish. But this is really so! Stylists, designers and fashion magazines tell women how to combine it with other things.

A bright print improves the mood of its owner, it becomes a bright accent of her image in any situation. What are the peculiarities of the sweater with deer print?

Sweaters with deer print

Similar products were common in the northern countries long before they appeared on the wide market. Only in the 19th century, Scandinavian masters were able to send the first wool sweater with deer for export, before that they knitted them exclusively for themselves. Characteristic features of warm products were the use of pure sheep wool, traditional ornament, and knitting.

Initially, the patterns were executed in a black and white color palette, without the use of dyes. The drawings were mundane, intended for winter clothing, and not related to a festive wardrobe. They joined it in the 20th century thanks to the cinema Ц in many of the films you could see famous and favorite actors in such sweaters. The public began to imitate them in the manner of dressing, soon the history of the women's sweater with deer print reached its apogee, it took an honorable place in fashion collections, and won the hearts of fashionistas of different ages.

The pattern with forest horned inhabitants is hardly intricate, but it is original, pleasing to the eye. Women's winter sweaters with deer print often become the basis of ensembles for the New Year holidays. So they are suitable for the nature of the event, surprisingly easily combined with skirts, trousers, they are sometimes replaced with formal dresses and blouses. ItТs recommended to leave the pretentious things for another time. You will successfully fit into the atmosphere of a friendly party if you come to it in a sweater with deer on your chest. Dissolve your hair, put on a headband with horns and have fun from the heart, as in childhood.

Sweaters with deer print

Knitted sweater with deer

The most common style is the classic straight, knitted from a thick thread. Whether there will be a sweater with deer print with a throat, with a collar or simply with a round neckline Ц you will decide, but anyway it looks stylish in any variants. Warm sweaters for winter have a length to the hips, but in the fashion collections, there are also shortened models to the waist, under which you can wear turtlenecks and shirts.

With time this piece of clothing has undergone some changes in the hands of designers. Such products are also distinguished by the degree of fitting, by the percentage of wool. Knitted thing is often similar to a turtleneck, voluminous sweater or an elongated tunic. Sometimes a woolen women's sweater with deer is matched with:

Х hoods;

Х pockets;

Х scarves;

Х or they are decorated with buttons, another interesting fitting.

This print is diverse. It can be found on both every day and holiday items. It is worth knowing that specimens of camel and sheep wool are considered to be the warmest. If silk is present in the composition, then they become shiny, if cashmere or angora, the sweater is soft, if mohair is present, the items are three-dimensional. Acrylic and viscose make it more practical to wear.

Sweaters with deer print