Stripped suits

Stripped suits

For girls and women, it is important to choose the right dress corresponding to the event: party or corporate party; informal meeting; to study or to the office; outing for nature or for sports.

In each case, there must be completely different from women's standard suits. It is also important to choose the right size so that the outfit successfully emphasizes the womanТs style and shape.

Modern suit models are diverse. They are distinguished by styles and colors, types of fabrics and decorative options. Often, in such clothes, there are unique and beautiful elements. For everyday life, for example, for work, it is better to give preference to unobtrusive outfits.

A striped suit is a very stylish piece of womanТs business wardrobe. This is a classic solution that fits perfectly into concise images, allowing you to look perfect. To remain fashionable and attractive all the time, you should choose the right style of such clothing and learn how to combine it with other things.

Stripped suits

Actual models

Today, feminine suits are very relevant. Designers offer fashionistas products of unusual textures and original cut. All women's suits can be divided into two main categories - with a skirt and trousers.

The most relevant options for suits with skirts include a skirt and a top. Such a suit may well be decorated with a striped print. It allows you to get quite an effective image. If you want to create a sleek office look, it is better to give preference to models of thick fabrics.

Skirt and jacket. This is the most interesting solution since the jackets are different. In the fashion collections, interesting options are presented such as cardigans, sweatshirts, sweaters. At the same time, the fitting top is better to complement with the free trousers and vice versa. Today, not only classic business jackets are popular. Much more relevant are the striped products without sleeves. They have missing buttons and collar.

A striped suit with a long skirt will be a very interesting stylistic decision. Many designers prefer to combine a cropped top with it. These elements of the image can be decorated with a striped print. Of course, this combination is unlikely to fit into a business image. It will be more appropriate to look at the celebrations or parties. To make the look more holistic, you should wear beautiful earrings and a massive bracelet. A neat handbag would be an excellent solution as well.

Stripped suits

A striped suit with trousers may also have a variety of options. For example, classic striped suit. It includes a fitted jacket and straight or flared trousers. Such a model will focus on the dignity of the figure and perfectly fit into any business look. No less successful will look items, complemented by narrowed trousers to the ankle. They are perfectly combined with a short jacket.

Business suit. Such a suit in a small strip will ideally fit into any business ensemble. In this case, it is recommended to choose a jacket to mid-thigh. Trousers can be straight or tapered. The material is equally important. It must be of the highest quality.

Striped suits with a jacket. Designers offer a variety of options Ц jackets under the belt, fitted products, elongated models. Very stylish products look, complemented by patch pockets. In this case, trousers may be different.

Suit with a vest. This is a trendy solution that fits perfectly into a business look and helps to focus on individuality. Such options are well suited for hot weather. Choosing a stylish model with a thin strip, you can look trendy.

Stripped suits