Shorts for sport

Shorts for sport

World fashion podiums every new season clearly demonstrate that shorts have long ceased to be exclusively men's clothing. In modern shorts, virtually every lady can feel comfortable, stylish, and most importantly feminine. If you are not limited to the "hard" frame of the dress code in the formation of your daily wardrobe, take a look at the shorts. This style is ideal for urban walks, and due to the texture of the fabric, looks more rigorous and stylish than beach summer shorts. The shorts are perfectly combined with both loose blouses of silk and monochrome tops of bright colors. By the way, such fashionable shorts are also suitable for creating an office image.

ItТs hard to surprise modern women with new models of training clothes, but each season brings us designer new items from famous brands, as well as from lesser-known, but no less worthy ones.

Shorts for sport

Women's sports shorts can be divided into the following models:

Х Dolphin shorts Ц a special model designed for athletics, extremely short with side cuts and rounded edges.

Х Jim-shorts Ц versatile sports shorts for yoga, gymnastics, aerobics. Thanks to a special lining from the inside, they can be worn without underwear.

Х Bicycles Ц elongated shorts up to the knee, made of materials that protect the skin from friction during the ride and timely wicking moisture. Some bicycle shorts have a special dense insert in the groin area, which serves as a shock absorber against impacts. They have a nylon and elastane design with flat seams, designed to minimize friction, with a saddle-shaped lining designed for maximum comfort on long journeys.

Х Tight shorts. A model that will allow women to work with maximum comfort in hot weather. They are well-suited for jogging or sports walking. ItТs recommended to be careful with them in the gym because during active exercises, your legs are also sweating and it will not be pleasant to touch the nude parts of the body to the equipment.

Х Loose shorts: shortened or long styles. These shorts are good for hiking, playing football, volleyball.

Х Running shorts. Shortened models provide freedom of movement during active cardio loads. They are made of lightweight and wear-resistant materials. During a training run in these short, complete peace of mind is maintained. They are created with a new technology, which helps to keep a womanТs body cool and dry. The elastic belt is connected with a drawstring to firmly fix the belt. These short shorts have an internal built-in pair of underwear pants to ensure a comfortable fit.

Shorts for sport

For sports women's shorts, modern fabrics are used, combining synthetic fibers and natural, and sometimes only synthetic. The main advantage of synthetics is the fact that it is antiseptic. It removes moisture from the body and is very wear-resistant.

Polyester is a synthetic material, in combination with other types of fabrics in clothes, it gives a stunning effect. Women's sports shorts from such fabric keep their shape well.

Elastane (also known as spandex) provides heat resistance. Due to its structure, spandex protects shorts from rapid wear-out during frequent workouts. In rare cases, it can cause allergies.

Nylon is smooth and pleasant to the touch fabric, resembles a little silk. It is durable and unpretentious material.

Cotton is a natural and eco-friendly material, perfectly absorbs moisture, and is used in combination with other synthetic materials.

Shorts for sport