Leather coats

Leather coats

Women's coats are items of wardrobe that will help any woman to look flawless and elegant. Things can be matched harmoniously both with informal clothing and with business suits. The variety of modern models provides the opportunity to emphasize any image. The color of the coat can be different. Many women prefer monochrome models as they look good on any figure. You can choose things of neutral color, for example, black, white, gray. They are in harmony with clothes and accessories of various shades. Those who want to create a vivid image should pay attention to saturated shades. Checkered models look effectively.

Leather coat is an indispensable demi-season thing, especially in rainy weather. It will sit irresistibly on any woman, it is only necessary to make the right choice of model. The product is practical and versatile; it is suitable for many items of clothing.

Leather coats

Clothing from leather is associated with sexuality and audacity. Stylish leather coats are no exception. They are represented by a large number of styles and new products that have become trendy and favorite for many women.

World brands are trying to bring shocking, creativity, versatility and effect to each model. Such things can be found in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Prada, and Alexander McQueen.

A stylish leather coat will help not only to warm up but also to present its owner incredibly effectively.

Topical classic styles of fitted cut, which are distinguished by their elegance, can be worn by women of any age.

Classical calm and extremely bright colors are relevant in this season. The latter option is ideal for fashionistas who want to maximize their individuality.

Colors of leather coats

Such a stylish novelty as a women's leather coat is presented in a variety of colors:

Х Trend models are made in the style of Triniti, while metallic leather is used.

Х In fashion products, remain, which are made of patent leather, models in bright colors are popular, such as red, purple, yellow and orange.

The use of soothing colors like beige and nude shades, pleasant pastel colors are relevant. In the trend, colors are which imitate the leather of reptiles and the color of any animal.

Leather coats

Long leather coat

Women's long leather coat continues to be classic, which is not influenced by fashion.

Such models were worn in the 70s or 80s, and they still remain in trend. Long products will fit different types of shapes, but there is a certain limitation. This option is not worth choosing for short girls. The image will come out incredibly harmonious if you pick up feminine ankle boots with high heels, nylon panties and a handbag without excessive decorative elements. The classic style has a loose fit and a simply closed collar. Often such models can be complemented by a hood.

It is possible to emphasize the expressed waist by means of such detail as a belt. The fitted leather long coat is often complemented by a belt of different widths.

The trend of this season is an asymmetric model in which the hem length is uneven in different parts.

Leather coats