Low-heeled shoes

Fashion designers almost every season rejoice us with the latest innovations. Espadrilles, derby and Chelsea, vans and snickers... Against this backdrop, the familiar names of such varieties of women's shoes as boots, sandals, moccasins, and flip-flops sound quite commonplace. Modern fashion designers do not understand how women's shoes are - it's important to know when and with what to wear it. One more important moment is that shoes must be comfortable. If a woman feels herself normally in the new shoes, she will be active and spend time as usual.

An excellent alternative to elegant women's shoes is low-heeled shoes. These ones are convenient and versatile models in which you can afford to spend the whole day. Modern products are endowed with comfort and convenience, while they are characterized by elegance.

Low-heeled shoes

Many collections of modern designers include fashionable low-heeled shoes. They can be divided into the following types:

shoes with a heel above 1.5 cm. Most women pay attention to this model because it can be put on either for a walk or in the office or for a romantic meeting;

shoes with laces will become fashionable. These are the so-called creepers, which are versatile low-heeled shoes that have lacing and can be easily combined with different types of clothing;

oxfords, once they were of male origin, but they appeared in different versions in the female wardrobe. This is a classic version of shoes worn with trousers and jeans, under an elegant skirt;

topsiders are shoes that many women prefer for everyday walking; there are models with white soles and lacing, which mainly performs a decorative function;

universal version black shoes will not go out of fashion. They are suitable for many images, you can experiment with the material of the shoe, and it can be matte leather, suede or varnished material. The shoes on a low heel will remain irreplaceable.

Low-heeled shoes

Summer shoes with low heels look incredibly stylish; you can experiment with colors when choosing them. Beige models will become popular among women of short stature because this color is able to visually lengthen the legs. An elegant and fashionable option is the shoes on a small heel with straps. This retro style can make any look unbeatable. Varnish shoes with small heels, which can be decorated with bows or metal parts, will become extremely fashionable. Such shoes look spectacular with any outfits.

There are also moccasins. They are shoes with a flexible and thin sole. On the rise, the moccasins always have a tongue insert. Quite often moccasins are decorated with fringe-cutting.

Low-heeled shoes: with what and how to wear

Moccasins are the perfect choice for a casual style. With them, you can easily create stylish and comfortable images for walking, shopping, and other activities. Favorite jeans or shorts and a shirt, tunic or t-shirt and you look great! It is not necessary to wear jackets of classic cut with moccasins. Women can choose simple dresses for moccasins because a complex cut would be inappropriate with such shoes.

Low-heeled shoes